Amazing Women Pioneers!

We have often been asked about why and how we chose the women on our most popular bags. We finally decided to let you in on our process.

There have been so many amazing women in different fields of STEAM. Some of them have done groundbreaking work that has changed the course of life for us, while some others have been pioneers in making a change in the world we live in. If we could have it our way, we would have included all these amazing women on our products. But, we had to limit the number as we wanted it to be big enough so people could read the names and also so it would fit on the screen it was being printed from. 

We had a customer even create an app to show info on each woman on this print. But for those who want to learn about them, here is some info below. Also, you can view our Amazing Women Pioneers Collection HERE

Ada Lovelace : The first computer programmer. 

Alice Ball : Found a cure for leprosy. 

Amelia Earhart : First woman to fly solo over the Atlantic Ocean. 

Annie Easley : One of the first African-American to work as a scientist at NASA. 

Barbara McClintock : Made various ground-breaking discoveries in Genetics.

Bessie Coleman : First African-American, and first Native-American woman pilot. 

Chien-Shiung Wu : Radically altered the modern physical theory. 

Dorothy Hodgkin : She deciphered the structure of Insulin.

Emmy Noether : She made important contributions to abstract algebra and theoretical physics

Gertrude Elion : Helped create drugs to cure leukemia, malaria, among others. 

Grace Hopper : Pioneer in computer programming. 

Ida B. Wells : Helped combat prejudice and violence against African-Americans. 

Kalpana Chawla : Famous woman astronaut who was on Columbia Space Shuttle. 

Katherine Johnson : Calculated orbital mechanics for space missions. 

Liu Yang : First Chinese woman in space. 

Mae Jemison : First African-American woman in space. 

Marie Curie : Pioneer research in Radioactivity. 

Rachel Carson : Helped advance the Global environmental movement. 

Rita Levi-Montalcini : Discovered the nerve growth factor. 

Rosalind Franklin : Discovered the structure of DNA. 

Sally Ride : First American woman to fly in space. 

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