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The end of the school year is approaching, so it's time to think about what to get your child's teacher! There are so many options, making it difficult to choose. On top of that, distance learning may have made it difficult for you and your child to get to know the teacher well. But don't worry, we created gift guides so that you are prepared. We have organized our guide by school subjects, so take a look!

Math Teachers

Chalkboard Geometry Hardcover Notebook: Geometry is important in a multitude of areas. Calculate your love of math with the Pythagorean theorem, the perimeter of a square, and the circumference of a circle. Two things that add up for us are that math is fun and that this is "acute" notebook to write in!

Pi Stainless Steel Necklace: That number that’s oh so simple yet vastly complex, represented by an understated Greek letter. The Pi symbol represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference divided by its diameter, approximated as 3.14159. Pi is an irrational number, but used as a necklace it’s rational to us! Mathematical Divider Necklace: Dividers are mathematical instruments that help with measuring distances, transferring dimensions, drawing circles and marking off distances. Don't keep circling around, this math tool is sure to make a great statement!

Golden Ratio Infinity Scarf: The Golden Ratio can be found in many forms-in architecture, geometry, nature, and now on your own curves, regardless of your proportions! Whether you're a teacher trying to keep your students in line, or an artist wanting inspiration, this design is a golden opportunity!

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Science Teachers

Neuron Mandala Canvas Tote Bag: If you’re a neuroscience lover, you’ll feel connected with this amazing design. Neurons receive sensory input from the external world, sending motor commands to our muscles, and relaying electrical signals at every step in between. Carrying this design is fundamental!

Te-Ac-H-Er Elements Necklace: If you're a busy teacher, but think of being fashionable periodically, this necklace is perfect! Take the lead and proudly display this necklace, letting the world know that you're both a teacher and science-savvy. You'll have other teachers exclaiming "O-Mg, I need one" 

Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Infinity Scarf: If you’re tired of bohr-ing scarves, we’re positive that you’ll love our Rutherford-Bohr Model Atom Infinity Scarf! This is a great accessory for everyday wear! The black scarf features an atoms design. It is the perfect scarf for any chemistry lover! 

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English Teachers

Cat-a-log of Feline Fiction Hardcover Notebook: Do you treasure your collection of knowledge and trinkets, and seal them away for your personal joy? If so,  you're going to take delight in this design! Reading is a way for us to escape reality. Each novel is a new beginning, start writing yours in this new notebook!

Sonnet 18 Infinity Scarf: One of the most famous poems is the Sonnet 18. Written by William Shakespeare, it has a theme about timelessness, the stability of love and art with its power to immortalize, and the nature of beauty. This print provides a great way to express oneself through language.

Spiral Bookcase Umbrella:  Reading is a way for us to escape the grasps of reality, in order to indulge in magical lands beyond our wildest dreams. Each novel is a new beginning, and the same satisfaction can be obtained from a remarkable umbrella! 

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Art Teachers

Starry Night Umbrella: Van Gogh found beauty in the night and painted this visually contrasting piece based on his observations, emotions and imagination. When heading out in the rain, you will show off a beautiful canvas known as Starry Night that is sure to brighten up your day.

Warhol Brain Pop Beeswax Paper: Andy Warhol was most famous for making pop art using images from 20th century Americana, from Campbell’s Soup to Marilyn Monroe! His work inspired us to create pop art using the most iconic organ, the brain! This print will bring a pop of color when storing food!

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STEAM-Themed Gifts

Wonderful Women Canvas Tote Bag: We created another design to celebrate some of the amazing women of STEM who broke down gender barriers in science fields. We want to celebrate the women who gave huge contributions to their fields, paving the way for the future generations.Outstanding Women Mugs: Katherine Johnson, Rosalind Franklin, Amelia Earhart and Jane Goodall are a few women who wrote their own rules and paved the way. These mugs showcase these outstanding women that have made many achievements in a variety of fields. 

Women Who Inspire Hardcover Notebook: We created another design to celebrate some of the amazing women of STEM who broke down gender barriers in science fields. We want to celebrate the women who gave huge contributions to their fields, paving the way for the future generations.

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