Book Lover's Gift Guide

Wondering what to get the book lover in your life? Then this gift guide is for you! 

1. LOC Call Numbers Rosalind Dress

Our brand new LOC Call numbers dress is already a fan favorite! Inspired by the Library of Congress classification system, this 100% organic cotton dress will help the wearer find their way through the day!

2. Punctuation Marks Cardigan

What's more exciting than the symbols used for self expression?! Our super soft Punctuation Marks Cardigan  will be their favorite gift this year!

3. Books Spines Infinity Scarf

Being a bookworm is very much in style! Playfully adorned with colorful bookends, our Book Spines Infinity Scarf was inspired by a real-life librarian and designed with loyal readers in mind.

4. Librarians Secret Chamber Leggings

Whether your friends and family are reading recluses or open books, they're bound to enjoy this fantasy inspired book print! (just beware of basilisks!) 


5. Binge Reading Tee

Who likes witty librarian puns? This black unisex tee is perfect for the book lover in your life!

6. Cat-a-log Of Feline Fiction Dress

Your friends and family are bound to enjoy this purr-reodical book print!

7. Book Spines Ada Dress

Being a bookworm is very much in style! This books dress is the perfect nerdy must-have for the book-lovers closet.

8. Cthulhu Ascends Adult Pull Over Hoodie

Another tribute to the lovable H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu has arrived! The receiver of this gift will immediately want to slip into this soft hoodie, and ascend into a mysterious and cozy world. 

9. Read Away Leggings

These leggings with pockets will speak volumes at your next book club! This novel design is sure to please even the pickiest of gift receivers!

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