Celebrate Earth Day With Svaha

Earth Day is April 22nd… it’s time to celebrate! The goal of this day is to bring awareness to environmental issues and foster an appreciation for the Earth. If you care about our planet, Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to take action. No matter how big or small, mindful contributions will make a difference!

Surprisingly, Earth Day was not celebrated until the 1970s, but concern for the state of our planet continues to grow every day. We have the power to help and protect our blue and green planet, so let’s work together to create a better environment for future generations! 

We have some beautiful clothing that would be perfect to show your love for the Earth. Check out the range of items below!

Botanist Dream Plant Dress: Imagine looking at the beautiful scenery, recording the plant life, and breathing in the sweet air. Sound likes the perfect botanist dream. A botanist may study trees and microorganisms, the effect of pollution on plant life, discover new plant species, and/or work to create and protect a better environment. Stop dreaming of the perfect leafy dress, we have it right here!Botanist Dream Grace DressDolphins and Whales Marine Biology Sleeveless Parks Dress: There’s nothing fishy about it!  This Marine Biology-inspired design - featuring the wondrous cetacea and delphinus - is here to drench you in awesome throughout your entire day’s journey! A trip with your mermaid posse to the aquarium, perhaps? Or at the wheel of your next all-hands meeting, steering your crew to victory? We’ll sea!Dolphins and Whales Rita DressStormy Day Meteorology Twirl Skirt and Stormy Day Meteorology Kids Dress: We are all familiar with the characteristics of a storm- thunder, lightning, dark clouds, wind, and rain. Storms may seem scary, but it’s not always bad. Storms can produce beneficial rainfall, and the lightning adds nitrogen to the rainwater. It’s safe to say that the design of these garments are striking!Stormy Day Twirl SkirtStormy Day Kids Twirl DressNorthern Hemisphere Geography Twirl Skirt: The Northern Hemisphere is half of the Earth that is north of the Equator. It contains North America, the northern part of South America, Europe, the northern two-thirds of Africa and most of Asia. Twirl this skirt around the world and it will surely have your undivided attention. Northern Hemisphere Twirl SkirtWorld Map Geography Burnout Cardigan, Ring, Earrings, and Heat-Activating Mug: Maps are how we make sense of our world. The first maps were created in Ancient Greece, and the more we developed scientifically and as a civilization, the better we were able to depict the world on maps as it actually is. Wear these world map items on your life's journey, while making memories along the way!

World Map Stainless Steel Ring

World Map Stainless Steel Earrings


World Map Burnout CardiganWorld Map Heat-Activating Mug


Forest Mushrooms Scarf: Mushrooms are essential to the forest and our ecosystem. Mushrooms can help with decomposition by releasing enzymes that break down decaying material, giving them the chance to absorb the nutrients and return the materials into the soil. Do you have mush-room in your closet for this delightful scarf?

Forest Mushrooms Glow-in-the-dark Scarf

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