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Although the season of giving is about a month away, we always feel it's a good time to create ways to give back to our amazing customers and what better way than 5 Svaha dresses of your choice! You get to sport a Svaha dress every day of the work week and show your co-workers your love for S-T-E-A-M! You pick the 5 frocks! 


For US customers only! By entering this contest you are agreeing to signup for our newsletter where we will send you exciting news on sales and new arrivals at Svaha USA! If you're already subscribed, great, you will still receive an entry after entering your email! Winner will be randomly selected on 10/31/19. The more you share with your friends, the more entries you receive! GOOD LUCK and ENTER BELOW!

Svaha Wardrobe Giveaway-$300 Value!


I love pockets!

MICHELLE May 13, 2020

Better then Christmas!

Nicky May 13, 2020

here is my entry :0 Love Svaha!

Margaret Sheri May 13, 2020

I still this how I enter the 5 dress contest?

Maya May 13, 2020

As a teacher and Mom, my favorite clothing

Erin Hemmer May 13, 2020

I LOVE your dresses! It’s do hard to find cute clothes for someone my size, but I get complements every time I wear my Svaha! Thank you!

Rachel Nelson May 13, 2020

Would love one!

Margie May 13, 2020

I wish I could afford more Svaha clothes! I love the things I have so far! Thank you, and good luck with your sales! I hope this contest brings you new fans!

Rebecca May 13, 2020

This company is my favorite new discovery. I have a wish list longer than my arm and I’m excited to add such great stuff to my wardrobe!

Dawn October 23, 2019

I like Svaha’s clothing very much, but do they come in bigger sizes?

Sandra I. Gayle October 23, 2019

Love Svaha clothes! I tell everyone who asks (which is everyone) where I got my fun clothes. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Jennifer McWilliams October 23, 2019

Love your prints!

Jamie Pyatt October 23, 2019

I love Svaha

Christine Hecht October 23, 2019


Jennifer Weston October 23, 2019

I get the most and best compliments about my dresses, cardigans, and leggings at school; this site is also one of my favorite for gifts! I tell everyone about Svaha😻

Selena Lawrence October 23, 2019

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