How Barbie has evolved.

We can hardly express how happy it makes us feel to see the changes Mattel has made. They are now shining the spotlight on historical women who have broken boundaries to inspire children to do the same.

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Last year on International Women’s Day, Barbie launched its Inspiring Women series of iconic women who have made historical contributions and have broken gender barriers. These legendary figures included artist Frida Kahlo, aviator Amelia Earhart and NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson. In addition, Barbie recently announced they will be adding two more iconic figures to the Inspiring Women series, Rosa Parks who is a famed civil rights activist and Sally Ride who was the youngest and first woman to travel to space.

Photo Credit: BARBIE

Each doll in the Inspiring Women series will come with educational information about their historic contributions so that children can learn how these women made a difference and made the world a better place for future generations of girls. This is such a great step for Barbie and we're thankful they are now featuring women who are great role models to inspire children to reach their full potential and challenge the status quo.

Barbie has taken a great step in the right direction with these iconic Barbie dolls to change the perception of their brand and deliver a less superficial message. Historically they have been criticized for portraying an unattainable body type of a 5 foot, 9 inch woman with an 18 inch waist. Hilarious, right?! They still need to offer barbies with more realistic body types, especially those that fit the historic women they are highlighting, so we are hopeful and are waiting to see if they continue to evolve for the better!

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