Math Lover's Gift Guide

Grab the Math lover in your life something they'll really enjoy this holiday season! 

1. Golden Ratio Scarf

Whether you're a mathematician trying to keep your students in line, or an artist angling for inspiration, this design is a golden opportunity! With a zippered pocket, our Golden Ratio Scarf is a must have for the winter!

2. Integral Symbols Curie Dress

Our Integral Symbols Curie Dress will be an integral addition to any math lovers wardrobe!

3. Rebus Dress

A rebus is a type of puzzle that combines numbers and pictures to form words and phrases. First published by French poet Etienne Tabouro in 1582, these puzzles combine visuals and mathematics to create solutions to problems and riddles. You'll have your friends trying to solve the puzzle on this dress!

4. Honeycomb Leggings 

Bees work efficiently to create something so structured and essential, so let’s honor their hard work with this bee-utiful print. The numbers in the honeycombs represent 36 pairs of factors with the digits 2-9.  

5. Heighway Dragon Skirt

Also known as the dragon curve, the heighway dragon fractal is a recursive, non-intersecting fractal curve whose name derives from its resemblance to a dragon. The dragon will always be the same at various iterations. Keep the mystery going with this powerful print

6. Honeycomb Baby Bodysuit

Shopping for a little one? Help them bee true to themselves with our Honeycomb Baby Bodysuit!

7. Shatter the Glass Ceiling Necklace

Don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot do. Pick a profession because of your love for it. Climb up the corporate ladder, because you deserve it. Don’t let your gender, race, or where you come from, define who you can be! Shatter the glass ceiling with this necklace!

8. Venn Diagram Dress

Just as we enjoy finding similarities between us and others, venn diagrams help us to find similarities in equations and formulas! Ever since it was invented by John Venn in 1880, this diagram has helped make our lives much easier. You'll be sure to cross paths with great fashion in this smart dress!

9. Pi'd Piper T-Shirt

Be the leader of the pack in our Pi'd Piper T-shirt! How many digits of Pi can you recite?

10. Snowflake Fractals Infinity Scarf

Winter will be here in snow time at all, weather we like it or not. Bundle up for the weather in this scarf! This design depicts snowflake crystals in fanciful fractals and gorgeous geometry with icy precision - the ones that fall from the sky aren’t this perfect, but we still think they look cool. Don't flake out - grab our Snowflake Fractals Infinity Scarf for your math (and snow) loving friend!

11. Math Whiz Socks Bundle

Needing some rational attire for the office, minus the boring part? Trying to bridge the divide between formality and functionality? We’ve had a number of requests for some additional solutions to this problem, and in the end it was easy as Pi! Sure to please any number of mathematicians in your life! Grab them our Math Whiz Socks Bundle for the Holidays!

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