Mattel unveils its #ThankYouHeroes collection to honor coronavirus heroes

In the midst of a global pandemic, one toy company has stepped up to both honor and help the heroes on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak. Toy giant Mattel has released a special edition line of action figures which includes nurses, doctors, EMT’s, and delivery drivers. On top of honoring the workers risking their lives to keep the pandemic at bay, they are also donating the net proceeds of the dolls to #FirstRespondersFirst, a fund that provides essential supplies and protective equipment to those on the frontlines and their families. 

Photo: Mattel

In addition to the line of action figures, Mattel has also released a collectible line of Little People® Community Champions which includes a nurse, a doctor, an EMT, a delivery driver, and a grocery store worker. Net proceeds from this line will also benefit the #FirstRespondersFirst fund.

Photo: Mattel

Thank you Mattel for showing us what compassion looks like and stepping up where other large companies are not.

On behalf of all of Svaha, Thank you to all the heroes on the frontlines of this pandemic! If you or a nurse you know is running low on scrub tops, use code THANKYOU for 25% off scrub tops now through May 8th.

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