"Proud to be a Girl" by Sanjana Checker

by Jaya Iyer July 04, 2015

Run like a girl. Play like a girl. Think like a girl. You are a girl, so be proud. This gender is a very strong gender, and everyone who is a girl should be thankful and grateful that they are a girl. Just because you are a girl doesn't mean that you have to do everything like how others expect you too. Sometimes, girls feel weaker than boys. Why is that? I have not been able to figure it out "Boys are faster. Boys are stronger". In fact, I don't believe it is true.

STORY # 1 It was just an ordinary day at school, when I saw a girl running across the playground. "You run like a girl!" shouted a boy from across the field. What did that mean? Why would he say that? I began to wonder. I mean, that girl ran so fast. "Well, how about we have a little race?" I said. I lined them up on the edge of the grass. "On your mark, get set, RACE!" I declared. I must admit, the boy was fast, but the girl was much faster. Well, what did the boy think now? Yes, I run like a girl and am proud of it!

STORY # 2 Today was going to be great! It was Field Day, and that is the second best day of the year. (In case you are wondering, best day was the science camp) Ugh! This was the station I dreaded from the start- the arm wrestling station. The boys beat me last year, the year before that, and the year before that. And worst of all, I was against the boy I had lost to three years in a row. "Ready," the management started," set, GO!" I was not going to let him beat me again. I smashed his arm down, and it hit the table, hard. "Yes!" I exclaimed. I couldn't believe what I had just done. The whole point of me telling you these true stories is to show that girls are strong, fast and smart. Girls don't have to think that just because they are a girl, they have to be timid, no matter what age old tales may tell us. Embrace your inner self. Show what it is like to be a girl. You play, run, and think like a girl, because you are a girl! Be proud.

Jaya Iyer
Jaya Iyer


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