Remarkable Women to Know: Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, a pioneering mathematician

As a company centered around shattering gender stereotypes, Svaha makes it a priority to lift up and celebrate groundbreaking women in all fields. Today, we highlight Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, a mathematician renowned for her part in United States space exploration!


Katherine Johnson, 1960 (NASA)

Source: Wikimedia Commons

 Katherine Johnson's brilliance was clear in her early life. By the time she was 15, she had graduated from high school, and at 18, she was a college graduate with an enormous talent in geometry. After working as a teacher for many years, Johnson first applied for a job at what is now called NASA when she was 34 years old but, at the time, there were not enough spots. She did not give up, however, reapplying the next year and earning a job as a "computer." In 1962, Johnson joined the efforts of the United States to send astronauts to the moon. She was responsible for the mathematics that enabled the first US spacecraft to orbit around Earth and, eventually, land on the moon!

Women of color have historically faced enormous challenges, not only in being given equal opportunities but also in being given the respect and credit they deserve. By 1960, NASA had never included a woman's name in a report. As a woman of color, Johnson had to fight to be credited for her hard work.

At Svaha, we believe if we treat everyone with respect and honor their talents and ideas, we will have the best possible chance at nurturing and harnessing each person’s talents to move society as a whole forward. Svaha’s Katherine Johnson Raglan Top honors Johnson, without whom our progress in space exploration would not have been possible. As a company, we celebrate the groundbreaking women responsible for some of the biggest milestones and innovations in human history on many items, including our Amazing Women Pioneers lunch bag and messenger bag.

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