Science Lover's Gift Guide

Not sure what to get the science lover in your life? We're here to help you pick out the perfect geeky present for that special someone!

1. Spectacular Science Bundle Gift Box

Our Spectacular Science Bundle Gift Box  is the perfect gift for your science loving friend. It includes a reusable canvas science tote bag, an atomic stained glass mouse pad, science mandala coasters, an antibody lapel pin, and an antibody phone grip. 



2. Illustrated Constellations Glow-In-The-Dark Scarf

Take in the beauty of the night sky with our Illustrated Constellations Glow-In-The-Dark Scarf! Everyone loves space, and theres no better way to keep warm this winter than with a cute geeky scarf! Not only will this scarf keep you warm, but it can even hold your keys or a phone in its zippered pocket

3. Post-Trans Metals Adults Leggings

Our Post-Trans Metals Adults Leggings are perfect for the chemistry lover in your life! Post-transition metals include Indium, Gallium, Aluminum, Thallium, Tin, Lead, Polonium, and Bismuth. They are softer and more malleable than transition metals, and have a higher density!

4. Amoeba Sisters Face Masks

Stay safe and stylish with our Amoeba Sisters Non-medical Printed Cloth Face Masks! We teamed up with the Amoeba Sisters to create these masks for everyone who wishes to display their geeky sense of humor. 


5. Covid Care Box

In these times of uncertainty and alertness, this Covid care box  serves as a reminder to wash your hands, wear a mask, and stay safe.  

6. Rings of Saturn Twirl Skirt

Put a ring on it! Our Rings of Saturn Twirl Skirt will serve your friends and family well with all their planet-side voyages!

7. Mars Landing Ruby Dress

Celebrate the newest Mars Rover "Perseverance", which launched in July! Our Mars Landing Ruby Dress will brighten your friends and families day by galactic levels!

8. DNA Double Helix Burnout Cardigan

The DNA double helix is a wonder to behold and so will the receiver of this Cardigan be too when they put it on! Our DNA Double Helix Cardigan features semi-translucent DNA double helix symbols on super soft fabric. 

9. Geeky Blankets

Our new glow-in-the-dark geeky blankets are sure to please even the pickiest gift receiver!

10. Science Mandala Coasters

Only shopping for a stocking stuffer? Science meets art to create our Science Mandala Coasters-the perfect addition to every science lovers household! 

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