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Space Monkey – The Story Behind the Svaha Mascot

by Eva Everett August 03, 2018

Many of you have asked us about our awesome logo, the Svaha Space Monkey. Our stargazing monkey has a pretty awesome backstory, so we want to let you know the origins of the beloved logo.

Svaha with her space monkey, the inspiration for the Svaha logo

Our Founder’s daughter was the inspiration behind our brand, hence our company being named after her. When she was 3 years old, she was an aspiring astronaut. The space obsession had been going strong for a year. She desperately wanted to see the rings of Saturn up close. Her favorite stuffed animal was a monkey in an astronaut costume. On her birthday, our Founder went shopping to try to find a space-themed t-shirt for her. She was shocked to find that no major retailer at the time had anything space-related for girls. For starters, she did not like the message that this sent to her daughter and to all little girls. Secondly, being an apparel professional, she also realized this was a missed market. She couldn’t be the only parent out there who had a daughter who loved space. So she decided she wanted to make a change. With that, Svaha was born!

Our company was created specifically for her daughter, so we got a lot of feedback from her about what designs she wanted on clothes. When our Founder asked her what she wanted the logo to be, her daughter requested for it to be her beloved space monkey stuffed animal. We had a designer look at the photo and make a fun rendition of it. Her daughter adored seeing her stuffed animal in cartoon form. Now, you all get to enjoy her favorite stuffed animal each time you shop with us!

Svaha Logo

P.S. The original Space Monkey plush in the photo is about four years old now and hence lost a lot of its astronaut gear, but she is still the most awesome space monkey EVER!

Eva Everett
Eva Everett


Eva is the Co-Founder of Svaha Apparel. Eva started off her career as a research scientist in Molecular Biology & Neuroscience, then decided to leave STEM fields to take her career down a new path. She has spent over 10 years in Customer Experience and e-Commerce Operations. She is the former head of Customer Experience at ThinkGeek. Eva is the proud mother of 4 children who constantly inspire her with their creativity and imagination. She is a marathon runner and heavy coffee drinker.

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