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As it may have already been made abundantly clear, we love STEM and STEAM clothing! Standing for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, the experts of these fields are responsible for the greater majority of every step forward our species has ever made. Nowadays, the need for these scholars and creators is greater than ever and real strides have been made towards getting younger generations involved, especially from less traditionally involved genders.

No sense stopping now, though! The time of viewing STEAM as uncool is far far behind us and we’re going to support every person of every age from following their dream in the only way we know how: by helping you look good and feel great while you do it. Whether your interest lies within one or several or all of the STEAM fields, we’ve got you covered with some of the latest and greatest from Svaha.


The first field of the acronym covers biology, chemistry, astronomy, zoology, and many other studies that we hope to one day honor with our clothing if we haven’t already.


What’s the buzz? Why, it’s a fabulous new fabric featuring our favorite little flower finders! These little builders are sure to be an entomologist’s dream garment, hard at work on their honeycombs. The sweet science of studying bees in their habitat has never looked so good or been so comfortable, this print is available on a skirt and a dress for both children and adults.


One of chemistry’s more flashy contributions to our celebrations, the color of fireworks are determined by the mineral elements within them. For example, green blasts are typically treated with barium, blue ones with copper, red with strontium and these are just a few of the possible combinations. We think it’s fun to look beneath the surface and understand what really makes something the way it is and we hope you do too! Dress available in child and adult sizes.

Mandala In Utero

A tribute to that which fosters life, this mandala featuring the uterus was created to normalize discussion of and around a woman’s reproductive organ and process. It’s not something to be shied away from or made to feel ashamed for and nobody should ever be able to say otherwise! At the time of writing this, this pattern will soon be available in dresses, skirts, and scarves. **ATTENTION: The final design of this print is still subject to change and may vary slightly when fully released**


One of the more practical applications of science, technology refers to the machinery and equipment created throughout our history, from carved stone tools all the way up to artificial intelligence.

History of the Computer

Made in collaboration with best-selling author and illustrator Rachel Ignotofsky, this dress was crafted to be a companion to her book, The History of the Computer, which details the modest beginnings of computing and follows its trail through its historical applications and how it led to the automation of today. This dress is available in both kids and adult sizes!

Transistors & Capacitors

Something you’ll see from time to time is the creation of technology in order to create yet further technology. Transistors and capacitors are both integral to the regulation and flow of electrical currents and their creation was vital to the development of countless other technologies that came after. Sometimes even the smallest creations can have the greatest impact.

Spider Bots

We made this one as a tribute to Anouk Wipprecht, who 3D printed a robotic spider dress that responds to anyone getting just a little too close to whoever was wearing it. Truly a wonderful and captivating blend of form and function and we simply can’t get enough! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Girls Garage, a nonprofit design and construction school for girls and gender-expansive youth.


Engineering is the application of scientific principles to build not only machines but buildings, structures, developments, and so much more with its myriad specializations.

Medical Marvels

We worked together with Dr. Arlyne Simon, STEAM advocate, author, and biomedical engineer credited with creating a blood test that detects when a cancer patient will reject a bone marrow transplant. We’re grateful for the ongoing work of both her and any other who puts their talents to use for better healthcare for all, and we’re proud to show off her design on this dress, available to wear in both our Hedy and Katherine styles.

Power Tools (Dress)

A few orders of magnitude stronger than your average screwdriver or hammer, power tools like the circular saw, belt sander, drill, and many many more are there for you when the situation calls for something with more than just elbow grease. The safe and effective use of these are paramount in more complex projects and anyone can learn to use them!


Engineers have the extraordinary job of changing the world and improving our quality of life. The design on these pants exhibits the intricacy of rotational motion by gears and cog wheels. It’s no surprise that such a simple machine is integral to any number of systems from bicycles to clocks and beyond. Gear up with this pattern, available on both leggings and yoga pants.


STEM is all well and good but we absolutely hate to leave out art. Artistic expression and scientific progress are far from exclusive, and in fact come together more often than you might think!

Spectrum of Love

Love belongs to no one but it also belongs to everyone. If that doesn’t make sense then congratulations, you understand love! Everybody deserves to feel it and we think if folks could be more open and understanding about it, then the world would be a much better place. This print is available in adult and child dress sizes, as well as kids’ t-shirts!

Chromatic Scale

Perhaps one of our favorite visual puns we’ve ever released. Chromatic scales in music and chromatic colors don’t really have anything to do with each other but nothing is stopping us from conflating the two anyways! One thing we believe is you can never have enough music or color in life, so maybe they’re more connected than we originally thought. Available as both a twirl skirt and a kids size dress.


Being in the spotlight has never looked so good. The criss-cross beams of light adorning this dress are sure to make you feel like a real starlet wherever you are whether at work or at play! We printed this one on one of our Rachel style dresses so you can twirl to your heart’s content and let the whole world be your stage.


A more abstract study dealing with numbers, quantity, and space. Nearly everything you see, touch, or hear can be assigned some measure of mathematical value so yeah, it’s kinda important!


Angles and curves are more than just things to be measured! This new design features just a few of the more common implements used for measuring all sorts of variables in mathematical study. This one is available to wear as both a kids and adult’s size dress, as well as a kids t-shirt! Your new look shouldn’t come together through happenstance, it should be calculated.

Geometric Areas

Some folks who are less than enthusiastic about learning higher mathematics might joke, “when am I ever going to use this?” Geometry, however, is absolutely everywhere. It has a home in art, architecture, engineering, sports, astronomy, machinery, and countless other aspects of daily life. If you can see it, it has a geometrical value!

Pi Mandala

A lot of our styles use the term “mandala” to describe the patterns printed upon them, but what exactly does that mean? The word mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning "circle." Drawing from both the inherent art of geometry and a love of mathematics, may this design help you meditate on the wonders of Pi, whatever your favorite flavor may be. Available as both a scarf and a dress! 

Full STEAM Ahead!

As more and more discoveries and advancements are made, so too will we be looking forward to interpreting these new wonders into fashion for the masses. Maybe that’s what we love so much about STEAM, that new study and new discovery make for an ever evolving understanding, that every day these fields are better off than they were the day before. We may not be scientists ourselves but that’s not going to stop us from finding our own way to appreciate STEAM in all its glory, and evolving our own fabulous interpretation of it!



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