Technology & Engineering Lover's Gift Guide

Calling all friends and family of Tech & Engineering lovers! Need a few ideas on what to get that special someone? Well, we're here to help!

1. Technology Bundle Gift Box

This awesome gift bundle includes a reusable technology mandala tote bag, a cosmic colonizer socks bundle, an Apollo patches mouse pad, and technology mandala coasters. Send our Technology Bundle Gift Box to a friend!

2. Motherboard A-line Skirt

Show some love for the hard-wired mom! Featuring a screen-printed motherboard, the wearer of this skirt will have a mother of a good time wearing our hardware inspired skirt. Shop our Motherboard A-line Skirt!

3. Animal Bite Phone Cable Protectors

Need a stocking stuffer? Our Animal Bite Cable Protectors are the perfect addition to any tech lovers holiday! 

4. Gears Adult Yoga Pants

Ready, set, get in gear! These engineering inspired yoga pants were created to get your gears turning! Send them to someone who loves engineering and yoga pants!

5. Engineering 2-Pack Headbands

The building of machines, roads, computers, cars, and more are made possible through engineering. The receiver of these headbands will wear them with pride!


6. Rube Goldberg Eileen Dress

Cartoonist Rube Goldberg is not only responsible for many great American cartoons but also for the invention of the Goldberg machine, whose goal is to complete a simple task in a complicated way. Un-complicate gift giving by sending them our Rube Goldberg Eileen Dress!

7. Robot Kids T-shirt

Get them a top they'll be nuts about! Complete the outfit by matching our Robot Kids T-shirt with our Robot Engineering Kids Leggings with Pockets!

8. Robot Engineering Onesie Bodysuit With Skirt

Shopping for a little one? Get them something they'll be riveted with- our Robot Engineering Onesie Bodysuit!

9. Robots We Want Twirl Dress

Help your friends and family carry out their fascination with robots by gifting them our Robots We Want Twirl Dress!

10. Technology Mandala Tote

Need one last stocking stuffer? Celebrate the digital age with our Technology Mandala Tote

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