Wash Your Hands!

Now more than ever, washing your hands is not only important, but is crucial to protect your health and the health of others. It’s so important in fact, that the CDC has a whole page dedicated to hand washing. But why exactly is it so important? 

Germs stick to the oils on our hands, and from there can be transferred to our eyes/noses/mouths, to other people, and even to our pets. Using just water isn’t effective at washing off these germs because as we know, oil is hydrophobic (hates water). Therefore, it is necessary to use something else that will be able to bond to the germs and get them off your hands. Soap is able to do this because its molecules are a type of surfactant- which means one side is hydrophilic (loves water) and one side is hydrophobic (loves oil). As you wash your hands, the soap bonds with both the germs and the water, allowing them to be rinsed off your hands and preventing them from making their way inside your body and making you sick.

Sometimes though, we all need a reminder. That is what our “Wash Your Hands” stickers are for! 

Stick these in your bathroom, your kitchen, or even your schools! Remind others to wash their hands, practice social distancing, and to follow the CDC’s guidelines during these critical times. Stay safe, svaha fans!

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