Earth Cufflinks [FINAL SALE]

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The rotation of Earth really makes our day! 

These astronomy-inspired geeky cufflinks feature our awesome little planet. They contain real photos that are taken from space. Get ready to feel spacey wearing these. 


Product Description:

  • One pair Earth cufflinks in Silver finish
  • Color: Blue/Green
  • Rhodium plated brass
  • Each pair is individually handcrafted and may vary slightly from the image 
  • They are not 100% waterproof. Please do not immerse in water. 
  • Anti-tarnish squares included
  • Please note: To keep the cufflinks untarnished, they need to be stored in an airtight package or container when not in use.
  • Care Instructions: Clean using silver cleaner. Wipe down after wearing it with a clean, dry, cloth
  • Occasionally requires polishing with a soft jewelry polishing dry cloth.
  • Made in USA

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