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Butterfly Mimicry Kids Twirl Dress & Leggings Set


That's one fly outfit!

We created this design to show off an amazing example of Batesian mimicry. Bates noticed that Heliconius butterflies could move slowly without being eaten by birds. He later discovered that they are toxic and have a particular smell to them, so birds had learned to avoid their bitter taste. He then noticed that many non-toxic butterflies look so similar that predators often mistake one for the other and avoid both. Evolution is definitely something to flap about!

This light green, organic cotton, twirl dress has deep functional pockets with a design featuring an all-over-print butterfly mimicry design. Leggings feature functional pockets as well! Available in kids' sizes 2 yrs-13/14 yrs.

Product Specifications

  • Green, short sleeve kids twirl dress & leggings set
  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Manufactured using organic dyes
  • Features an all-over-print butterfly mimicry design
  • Black leggings included - leggings also feature deep functional pockets
  • Tagless
  • Machine washable
  • Preshrunk
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
  • Imported


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