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Darwin's Tree of Life Kids Dress & Leggings Set



Scientific theory is a method of careful and rational examination of the facts through observation and testing. Charles Darwin’s research led him to assemble the Theory of Evolution: that species with beneficial traits are more likely to pass them along than  those without them. Our design depicts the critical moment where he visualized this process as an enormous family tree of all life on Earth, with branches representing variations that led to new species.

This red, organic cotton, dress set features 3/4 length sleeves with black piping along the collar and contrasted sleeve ends, skirt with pockets, and black leggings with pockets. Available in kids' sizes 2 years-11/12 years.


      • Red, 3/4 length sleeve, a-line kids dress & leggings set
      • Skirt of dress has functional pockets
      • Made from soft, high-quality 100% organic cotton
      • Manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes
      • Black leggings included
      • Leggings also features deep functional pockets!
      • Screen-printed with all-over-print Darwin's Tree of Life design
      • Dress can be pulled over the neck and has no fasteners or zippers
      • Tagless
      • Machine Washable
      • Preshrunk
      • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold inside out. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
      • Imported


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