Science Cats Socks Bundle- 3 Pack

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Cats and chemistry? I'm in my element!

What would cats research if they were scientists for a day? Perhaps they would try to create nepetalactone-the chemical found in catnip- or even study their own molecular makeup! Our feline friends would have the purr-fect time playing around in the lab- just as long as they didn't spill anything!

Product Specifications 

  • 3 pack science cats adults socks
  • Color: green, maroon, and purple socks with multicolored design
  • Made from 75% Cotton, 5% jacquard, 17% spandex, 3% elastic
  • Available in sizes S (W 5-9), : L(W 9+ / M 7+)
  • Machine-washable
  • Imported

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