Heart Nebula Necklace

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Have a heart!

 This astronomy-inspired necklace is perfect for anyone in need of an alternative to traditional heart jewelry. Spanning across a whopping 200 light-years, the Heart Nebula (aka IC 1805) is an emission nebula known for its intensely red glowing gas and dark dust lanes that form a shape resembling a heart symbol. It is approximately 7,500 light years from Earth in the Perseus spiral arm of the Milky Way. It is located in the constellation Cassiopeia and shines bright red due to the emission of excited crimson hydrogen gas. Near the center of the heart is a newborn star cluster known as Melotte 15, which contains massive, hot stars. The Heart Nebula forms a famous complex known as the Heart and Soul with its southeast neighbour, Westerhout 5 (aka Soul Nebula).  

 Show off your big heart in this beautiful necklace that celebrates the cosmic beauty of the universe. It was expertly handcrafted in Maryland and is superb quality. This galactically romantic piece is perfect for your sweetheart, yourself, or any aspiring astronomers!

Product Specifications

  • 1x Heart Nebula necklace
  • Chain length is 18" and the image is approximately 14mm. 
  • Materials: Rhodium plated brass and glass
  • These are individually handcrafted and the particular piece you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured.
  • These are also not 100% waterproof, so please avoid wearing them in the shower or pool.
  • Care Instructions: Clean using silver cleaner. Wipe down after wearing it with a clean, dry, cloth
  • Nickel and lead free!

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