What payment methods do you accept? We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Pay with Amazon. We do not accept PayPal, Checks, Money Orders, or Cash at this time.   What is Pay with Amazon? This is a service Amazon provides that allows you to quickly check out using the using the billing & shipping information you have saved on your Amazon account. In order to use this service, you must have an existing Amazon account. To checkout with Pay with Amazon:
  1. Click “Pay with Amazon” on the Cart or Checkout page
  2. Log into Amazon using your Amazon log in credentials
  3. Select the address and payment method from Amazon
  4. You will then be directed back to the Svaha Checkout Page where you can complete your purchase!
  I’m having trouble checking out. What do I do? We recommend first trying out a different payment method. If that doesn't work, click the Contact Us button above to send us an email. We’ll reach out to you to make sure nothing gets in between you and your Svaha awesomeness!   I have a promotional code. How do I use it? After you have placed your desired items in your cart, go to your shopping cart. You will see a section called “Discount Codes”. Enter your promo code in the field and click “Apply Coupon”. Voilà! There is also a place to enter it on the Checkout Page, just in case you miss it on the Cart Page. Please note that only one code is valid per order, and cannot be used in combination with other codes or discounts.   My promotional code isn’t working. What do I do? First check to make sure the code is typed in correctly and check to make sure it is not expired. If it is still not working, email customerservice@svahausa.com. We’ll reach out to you to help you check out.   What is a pre-order item? If an item is listed as a pre-order, this means that we don’t have it from our manufacturer yet, but it is available for sale. The product page will let you know when the item is expected to ship. As soon as we get the product in stock, we will ship it out to you!