Svaha Core Values

At Svaha, we have big dreams and even bigger ambition! As our company started to take off, we wanted to make sure that we don’t forget our roots, so we developed our company core values. We constantly refine who we are to make sure that we keep being the kind of company that makes a statement!
  • Redefine the Status Quo & Be Agents for Change
Create and promote products that challenge gender stereotypes and promote STEAM.
  • Delight Our Customers
Find every way possible that we can create “Wow” moments for our customers, whether it be from our unique product selection, our company voice, or our awesome customer care. Every step of being a Svaha customer should bring happiness!
  • Give Back
Engage in meaningful ways to give back to our community and to charities that empower children. Be a company who cares about our children’s future and does something about it!
  • Promote Environmental Sustainability
Devise practices that minimize our environmental impact so we can make sure to keep a safe, clean, non-toxic world for our children!
  • Build a Community
Use every resource we have to bring together individuals who want to promote gender equality, support STEAM education, and make a contribution to our society.
  • Have a Blast!
At our core, Svaha’s goal is to create a fun store that is a one-stop-shop for customers seeking products that defy gender norms and make people happy. We’re having fun every step of the way, so we hope you do too!