Augmented Reality: Reforestation of the Imagination Necklace [FINAL SALE]

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 Reforestation of the Imagination combines traditional art with Augmented Reality (AR).  By using technology to overlay digital information onto artwork, two disparate environments are portrayed.

The devastated landscape appears at first glance to be barren.  Yet, upon viewing the tree rings aided by Augmented Reality technology, a second environment is revealed.  Plants appear (both fruit and flowers) which have evolved from existing flora. They have developed dramatic and beautiful appendages and skills necessary to adapt and flourish in this new radically different environment.  From accessing nutrients in ways that symbiotically improve their surrounding conditions, to developing new protections from new threats, these adaptations are unexpected, beautiful and optimistic.

This is nature reimagining itself.  The imagination can’t be exterminated. It just recreates itself.

Designed by: Ginny Ruffner and Grant Kirk Patrick 


(We are aware of the current issues regarding our Svaha AR app on Android devices, so we are currently not offering Google Play as an option. The cause of this is the last major Android update, and we do not have an estimation of when this can be fixed unfortunately.)



Product Specifications

  • 1x Necklace with lobster clasp
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Pendant size: 1.75"x1"
  • Chain length: 20"
  • Botany-inspired reforestation 

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