Busy Bees Fuzzy Socks

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Come on down and see what all the buzz is about! Honey is a truly wondrous substance with incredible proven benefits to your health, but we’re just as impressed and enamored with the little stinging sentinels responsible for it. While commonly feared for their sting, bees tend to only lash out in defense of themselves or their hive and are content to go about their day, building homes for new arrivals and producing that ever-coveted sweetener. These little guys have enough to contend with out there, so live and let live and just let them do their thing!

Product Specifications

  • Bee fuzzy knitted socks
  • Material: 50% nylon, 45% polyester and 5% spandex
  • Color: orange, yellow, and rust with bees design
  • Please Note: These socks do have shedding due to the intricate designs on this type of material
  • Size: L (W 9+/M 7+)
  • Heel to toe measures 8" and top of sock to heel measures 8"
  • Sock opening measures 3"
  • Wash Instructions: May shed when machine washed. Can hand wash and line dry 
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