Cat-a-log of Feline Fiction Paper Hardcover Notebook [FINAL SALE]

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1 Review
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What do you read behind closed doors?

Do you treasure your collection of knowledge and trinkets, and seal them away for your personal joy? If so,  you're going to take delight in this Cat-a-Log of Feline Fiction design! Reading is a way for us to escape the grasps of reality, in order to indulge in magical lands beyond our wildest dreams. Each novel is a new beginning, start writing yours in this new notebook!


Product Specifications

  • Paper hardcover notebook
  • Lined paper notebook or dot grid paper notebook
  • Front cover is color printed with Cat-a-log design
  • The back is olive green with Svaha logo
  • The pages are thick enough to not let the ink bleed through
  • Notebook surface is covered with a transparent layer of film, that can be waterproof
  • Notebook size: 8.9"x6.9"
  • Inner pages are customized with brand new paper
  • The inner pages are off-white
  • Inner pages: 100 sheets
  • Paper thickness: 100gsm
  • Grid paper spacing is 5mm (0.5cm)
  • Lined paper spacing is 8mm (0.8cm)
  • The pages are not numbered and do not contain tearable sheets
  • Regular based paper- not glossy
  • Includes: Olive green ribbon and light green elastic band on the inside
  • Imported

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