Hedgehogs Kids Pajamas Set

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1 Review
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Look, but don’t touch! Named for their pig-like snouts and for generally being found in hedgerows, Hedgehogs have a coat of spines much like an echidna or a porcupine, but these are made of hollow keratin and don’t have any barbs or carry any poison. Instead it’s a general defense mechanism that protrudes in all directions when the hedgehog is scared and curls up into a ball. They’re nocturnal so you may not see them often unless you’re out and about after dinner!


Product Specifications

  • Set contains 1x long-sleeve shirt and 1x pair of pajama pants
  • Pants features an encased elastic waistband
  • Made from soft, high-quality 100% cotton knitted
  • Manufactured using eco-friendly dyes
  • Screen-printed with all-over-print hedgehogs
  • Color: Peach (light orange) with hedgehogs design
  • Tagless
  • Preshrunk 
  • Machine-washable
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold inside out. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
  • Imported

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