Jurassic Print Burnout Cardigan

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Let your wardrobe dino-soar!

While the carnivorous t-rex and vegan triceratops battled in the late Cretaceous Period, they never got to hang with the shielded steggo, lengthy apatosaurus, and winged pterosaur, who all lived in the late Jurassic. The pterosaur isn’t even technically a dinosaur! Instead it inhabits the “winged reptile” branch of the prehistoric family tree, a “great aunt” of the dinos if you will. With these findings in mind, grab this garb featuring some of these friends and more before they go extinct!


Product Specifications

  • Long sleeve maroon cardigan with pockets
  • 60% cotton / 35% polyester / 5% lycra blend
  • Model is 5'7" and is wearing an XS (the length of an XS measures 29.5")
  • Tagless
  • Machine Washable
  • Imported

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