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Kidney Socks

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These human kidney socks make a fab present for kidney organ donation chains! Kidney socks offer support to patients and their amazing care teams. Super cute kidney character socks for kidney doctors, transplant nurses and the kidney-lover inside us all.

What are kidneys and how do they work? The kidneys clean blood and make pee! These bean-shaped buddies— most folks have two — clean and process your blood, pick out waste and return fresh blood to your bloodstream. Extra water pulled from the blood becomes pee and goes to the bladder!

Product Specifications
  • Sports Crew socks with kidney- when urine love and let's get renal design
  • One size fits most, women 6-11/men 5-9.
  • Color: White, purple, orange, and yellow
  • "When Urine Love" on the toe and "Let's Get Renal" on the back
  • Material: Super soft bamboo viscose
  • Made in the USA