Kids Kimono Gowns and Pants (Digital Gift)

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This product will not be shipped to you, as your purchase means that we will donate one physical piece on your behalf.

Introducing our 100% Cotton Kimono Gown for Kids, designed to bring comfort and cheer to young patients. Made from soft cotton, this gown ensures the utmost comfort during their hospital stay. Its breathable fabric keeps children at ease, while the secure yet gentle fastenings provide easy dressing and undressing. The snap buttons on the shoulder will allow for easy access to ports that the kids might have.

With vibrant and playful patterns, our gowns help brighten up the hospital environment, bringing smiles to both kids and caregivers. Each gown is carefully crafted to meet the highest hygiene standards, ensuring a safe and clean experience. Give a child the care they deserve with our 100% Cotton Hospital Gowns for Kids.

For every set that you buy, we will donate one set from our end. We are already planning to donate some, but your donation will help us cover various other children's hospitals.

Product Features: 

  • 100% cotton
  • Top has snap buttons on both shoulders for easy access to port
  • The top is kimono style with crossover front that ties on the side. 
  • The pants have elastic wait and are full length. 

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