Peacock Earrings

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When you got it, flaunt it! Scientists debate back and forth on the evolutionary purpose of a peacock’s feather train, Darwin suggesting it’s a means of courtship and Zahavi positing that it’s a measure of fitness and survivability. Peahens will show off their plumage as a warning to their young or to fend off competitors. Whatever the case is, at least the peafowl know what they’re doing, and it is a stunning spectacle to behold and you can be too!

Product Specifications

  • Peacock feather earrings
  • Size: 1.1" X 0.9"
  • Made from sustainably sourced wood and 90% recycled display cards.
  • Ear wires are silver-finished 304L stainless steel, hypoallergenic, and enhanced with a new, smooth and consistent electrophoretic coating that resists tarnishing
  • Doubles as an essential oil diffuser! Just add desired oil to natural wood back.
  • Peacock feather design on Front with Natural wood back
  • Made in the USA
  • Photos taken in indoor lighting and sunlight to show the contrast.

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