Penguins Fuzzy Socks

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Whether they be aristocrats of the Antarctic or guardians of the Galapagos, we can’t get enough of these birds! Spending half of their lives on the ground and the other underwater, these flightless fellows soar through the ocean rather than the skies, hunting fish and krill and other small sea-side snacks. Our new penguin print is sure to have you feeling like an emperor, whichever side of the equator you’re on.

Product Specifications

  • Penguin fuzzy knitted socks
  • Material: 50% nylon, 45% polyester and 5% spandex
  • Color: blue and white with penguins design at top of the sock
  • Please Note: These socks do have shedding due to the intricate designs on this type of material
  • Size: Size S (W 5-9)
  • Sock length: 12" and sock opening is 2.5", stretchy 
  • Wash Instructions: May shed when machine washed. Can hand wash and line dry
  • Imported

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