Periodic Table Blocks Baby Bodysuit Bundle - Organic Cotton 3-Pack [PLAIN]

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Teach your little one their Barium from their Boron!

Get your future chemists and scientists into the periodic table before they're even eating at the table with this chemistry-inspired bodysuit set! Each bodysuit includes elements from the periodic table that spell out baby-centric words, with a bonus of teaching them the element names and symbols, atomic number, and atomic weight. Elements make up everything that matters, since they are the building blocks of people, animals, clouds, blankets, toys, and sippy cups. Enjoy these building blocks of the universe with a 3-pack of building block bodysuits! All that's missing is the lab coat.

These white, short sleeve, bodysuits feature piping on the sleeves and neckline. They are made with the incredibly soft organic cotton that defines the Svaha brand. Set includes one of each baby bodysuit: BaBY (Barium/Boron/Yttrium) with yellow piping, CuTE (Copper/Tellurium) with lavender piping, and GeNiUS (Germanium/Nickel/Uranium/Sulfur) with lime green piping.

Product Specifications 

  • Pack of 3 short-sleeve baby bodysuits
  • Made from 100% organic cotton, high-quality fabric
  • Manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes
  • Features expandable shoulders to easily change squirmy babies.
  • Button snapped bottom + stretchy fabric = easy diaper changes!
  • Screen-printed 
  • Tagless
  • Preshrunk
  • Machine-washable
  • Imported


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