Retro Rocket Launch Paper Hardcover Notebook [FINAL SALE]

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Get ready for liftoff in this groovy Rocket Launch design! Thanks to the tech advancements of space exploration, we were able to reach new heights with the Saturn V's creation; it helped humankind touch the moon, and launched Skylab, America's first space station. Though the Saturn V rockets have been retired, this pattern will help fuel their history!



Product Specifications

  • Paper hardcover notebook
  • Lined paper notebook or dot grid paper notebook
  • Front cover is color printed with retro rocket design
  • The back is blue with Svaha logo
  • The pages are thick enough to not let the ink bleed through
  • Notebook surface is covered with a transparent layer of film, that can be waterproof
  • Notebook size: 8.9"x6.9"
  • Inner pages are customized with brand new paper
  • The inner pages are off-white
  • Inner pages contain 100 sheets
  • Paper thickness: 100gsm
  • Grid paper spacing is 5mm (0.5cm)
  • Lined paper spacing is 8mm (0.8cm)
  • The pages are not numbered and do not contain tearable sheets
  • Regular based paper- not glossy
  • Includes: Matching blue ribbon and elastic band
  • Imported

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