Tortoise Sterling Silver Earrings

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The world always seems to be moving along in quite a hurry, but every once in a while we should remember to take a page from our placid pal, the tortoise. Perhaps it’s their slow and deliberate take on life that helps to see them outlive us all, on average living between 80 and 150 years when uninterrupted by predation and uprooting. We’re sure there’s more accurate reasons behind their longevity but one thing we know for sure is we’re always glad to see these friends out in the wild, big or small!

Product Specifications

  • Tortoise stud earrings
  • Material: 925 Sterling silver
  • Silver plated
  • Color: Silver
  • Nickel free and lead free
  • Size: Length is 0.3" and width is 0.25"
  • Imported

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