Water Bears in Space Kids Twirl Dress [FINAL SALE]

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If you’ve ever needed inspiration to draw strength and resilience from, look no further than the water bear, or tardigrade. This minute life form is found mostly in wet environments where they linger beneath water’s surface, and are capable of surviving environments with temperatures as low as -200 degrees celsius and as high as 150 degrees Celsius. On top of that, they can survive in the vacuum of space by entering a dormant state they can later be revived from. An experiment saw about a thousand of these diminutive critters crash land on the moon’s surface, and many scientists are confident that they could be retrieved and restored. Doesn’t get much more resilient than that!

Product Specifications

  • Kids 3/4th sleeve twirl dress with pockets
  • Made from 100% cotton  knitted
  • Color: Black with multicolored water bears design
  • Model is 4'11" and is wearing a size 11/12 years (the length of size 11/12 years is 33.75")
  • Tagless
  • Machine washable
  • Care Instructions: Machine wash cold inside out. Tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.
  • Preshrunk
  • Imported

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