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Geeky Subscription Boxes!

Geeky Subscription Boxes!

This month we were thrilled to launch our Svaha STEAM Surprise Box! Do you have an admiration for the various STEAM fields, and want to add a little more spontaneity to your life? The Svaha Team has you covered with our very own
STEAM-themed subscription box! Whether you experiment with Science, code in Technology, tinker with Engineering, appreciate the Arts, or calculate Math equations, we're positive we'll have an exciting new treasure for you to discover!

We offer 3 plans as you can see below! Want to test it out? Sign up for our One Time Box! Or if you already know you'll love receiving geeky goodies on your doorstep every two months, then sign up for our 6-mth or 12mth plan before they run out! 


Customers are "geek-ing" over their subscription boxes as mentioned in the reviews belows!

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