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General Svaha Info

Where is Svaha located?

How can I contact You?

Help! I've sent you an email, but I still haven't received a response for days.

I found a website that is selling Svaha products, but it seems off, is it legit?

What factories do you use for production?


Domestic US Shipping

How long will a package take to arrive?

Can I edit or cancel my order after it's placed?

What are the current US shipping costs?

What shipping carriers do you use?

Do you offer free US shipping?

Can I place an order on hold?

HELP! It's been an extended amount of time and my tracking hasn't updated?

International Shipping

What are your international shipping options?

Will I be charged customs or duties on my international Svaha purchase?

What can I do to reduce my duties/taxes/fees? Is there no other way?

How much is your international shipping?

I live in the UK, can I still purchase from your store post-Brexit?

HELP! My parcel's tracking hasn't changed for an extended period of time?

Order Tracking

How can I track my order?

I accidentally entered the wrong address on my order. What do I do?

My parcel was marked as "delivered," but I never received it, is this normal?



What payment methods do you accept?

What is express checkout?

What is Shop Pay?

What is Amazon Pay?

Can I use more than one discount code on one order?

Sales & Promotions

I have a promotional/discount code, how do I use it?

My promotional code isn’t working. What do I do?

Can I apply a sale or discount code to a past purchase?

What are these black & white product tags that are now shown on some product images?

Checkout Questions

I’m having trouble checking out. How can I get help?


General Product Info

Are your garments pre-shrunk? How do I clean them?

Are all of your products organic & tag-free?

What do the dress names mean?

Where are your products manufactured?

Something is wrong with a product I received, what do I do?

What do the black tags on certain product images mean?

Print-On-Demand (POD) Items

What are Print-On-Demand items?

How is Print-On-Demand shipping calculated?

Who can purchase Print-On-Demand items? Can these be shipped internationally?

Can I cancel my Print-On-Demand item purchase?

Why can't I return or exchange Print-On-Demand products?


What does it mean if a product is listed as pre-order or backorder?

If I purchase a preorder item, can I include non-preorders in this purchase as well?

What is your preorder shipping policy?


I want to sell Svaha products! Do you offer wholesale discounts?


General Returns Info

What is your returns policy?

How long will it take to receive my refund for a returned product?

Do you allow returns for final sale items?

Can I exchange a product I received as a gift?

What is your return window for items purchased during end-of-the year holidays?

Holiday Gift Returns

I love Svaha!


How can I find out about sales and new arrivals?

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Product Suggestions

I have the perfect idea for your next design! How can I tell you about it?

I love what I ordered! How can I share my joy with you and the rest of the world?

Rewards Program

Do you have a rewards program?

How do I refer someone to Svaha?

Account Management

Security Questions

How do I reset my password?

Gift Cards

What sort of gift card options do you offer?

Is there a way to check the balance of my gift cards?

I received an e-gift card from someone, but lost it, how can I pull up my balance?