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Shopping for kids? Then this blog is definitely for you.

On a normal shopping trip with your kids, it is sometimes very rare to find STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) themed clothes for our kids right? But this isn’t the case at Svaha. Here you can find a lot of such themes and designs specifically keeping the fun factor of the designs for the kids. 

We work with many of our own customers to come up with various STEAM themed designs. These prints are an instant mood boosters to anyone seeing it from far, or noticing it up close. All our clothes come with pockets that are great for usability and better convenience. The twirl dresses will make your kids never want to stop twirling. Choosing something your child would love to wear is like telling them to study their favourite subject making it all the more worthwhile. Well, math is extremely fun, when you start loving your equations and remembering your formulae right.

This set of mathematics collections is our best seller for a reason and we certainly believe you'll love the way your little one looks in this durable, reliable classic apparel. Check out some really awesome STEAM clothes on our online platform

Number Doodle Kids Twirl Dress


We decided to get in on the fun with our own STEM-themed Keep Calm series! What's more calming than STEM? We can't think of much!

A look at the specifications of the 'keep calm and do math' kids t-shirt short-sleeve kids t-shirt, 100% organic cotton, screen-printed with mathematical-inspired pi symbol design, tagless, pre-shrunk and machine-washable.

Check out various sizes that are there on offer. Make this yours, by clicking here to add it to your cart. 

Geometry Instruments Kids T-shirt


Whether it’s rulers, protractors, or compasses, this fun t-shirt will draw your little one in!

A look at the specifications of the geometry instruments kids t-shirt light blue short-sleeve, kids t-shirt, made from soft, high-quality 100% organic cotton, manufactured using eco-friendly organic dyes, color: blue, tagless, pre-shrunk and machine-washable.

Check out various sizes that are there on offer. Make this yours, by clicking here to add it to your cart. 


Go offbeat this season, choose something different, something new on the style books with hoodies and cardigans from Svaha. Get your wardrobe a new look with bright colours, niche prints, and smart fit. Hope you can find the perfect set of designs because we have a list of them on our platform. Check out technology themed clothing, engineering themed clothing. Also, find kids dresses, science themed clothing, STEM theme clothing, geeky science clothesmaxi skirts with pockets and many more.

Have you missed a market for kids who like things that aren’t gender traditional like every other apparel brand.

Welcome to a brand which believes in changing the landscape of everyone's apparel industry. Svaha was developed mainly keeping this agenda in mind.

Experience the change from the regular! Svaha, wishes to change the regular and bring in some fun in apparel for today’s generations. Something different from the regular. Anything from science, technology, engineering, arts, and math we have it on our platform for you. Find your little girl's clothing with astronauts or math equations. Your little boy's clothes have animal print designs like cats or butterflies on them. Introduce a range of feminine women's clothes that feature science or technology themes on them. Well, that’s Svaha for you ladies and gentlemen.

Help Svaha in our goal is to transform the apparel industry by removing the gendered equation from clothes and letting people dress with no constraints!

So what are you waiting for, make your little one’s wardrobe fun again. Grab the finest pair of clothing apparel with the best only from Svaha USA! Well, if you ask us, our clients have a hearty smile when they choose prints like these because it just displays what they love.

Fall in love to find for yourself science themed clothing, technology themed clothing, engineering themed clothing, math themed clothing, art themed clothing, cardigans, geeky accessories, printed leggings with pockets, geeky science clothes, socks & scarfs, and many more options. Get your hands on laptop cases, plush toys, adult gift boxes, coffee mugs, laptop bags, games such as puzzles, etc.

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Thank you for doing this! I swear I gave up shopping for back to school clothes for my two girls at the box stores since every article of clothing on the racks had pink and purple toned unicorns, cupcakes or flowers on them! We decided to buy their school shirts as we visited different tourist sites and museums throughout the year. That was almost 20 years ago. Finally a clothing line that says girls should have as wide a range of clothing themes as young boys do!


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