Women and Girls Who Love Science, Space and Technology Want Uplifting STEM Fashion and Dresses to Look Stylish

It’s hard to believe that in an era of female scientists, physicists and astronauts there has been difficulty finding STEM fashions for girls who love to do science experiments and space-themed clothing for women who want to look stylish with fun and colorful science or technology designs…but that is all changing.  A space dress or science dress is now artfully described as “geek-chic” and can be worn anywhere.

Although historically STEM fields have been more male dominated, we are now seeing women taking on new roles in these areas and we see them front and center every day.  For example, NASA reached a milestone last October when Christina Koch and Jessica Meir became the first to take part in an all-female spacewalk.

It is essential that young girls start seeing careers in STEM as achievable. The more girls become intimate with these fields; they can develop an interest at a young age and may go on to make some of the most important and inspiring contributions out there. Believe it or not, fashion is helping to make STEM more visible and fun to wear. With STEM clothing becoming integrated into daily life, the exposure of these career fields to young girls is increasing more. For example, a kids dinosaur dress can inspire a young mind to study what a paleontologist does or a Ms. Frizzle dress could spark a desire to learn more about the solar system.

Our company was born when an aspiring astronaut asked her mom for a t-shirt with an astronaut on it. Five years later, we are now creating science-themed clothing for women and girls that empowers and celebrates STEAM aspirants and pioneers while still embracing their femininity.  What some might call “Geeky dresses” are now appealing to a broad range of women and the fact that these are all dresses with pockets has made them extremely popular with professional women and even fangirls who want to show off their nerdy side without skimping on style.

Women and young girls who identify with science, space and technology may be dissuaded from STEM fields if femininity is not associated with it. Women who have already blazed trails in space and science related fields are heroes and deserve to be recognized.  It is our mission at Svaha to insure they are celebrated and not forgotten and to make it easy now for women and girls to combine their love of STEM with their passion for fashion.

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