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We happily discovered Celeste Labedz through Twitter where she was sending a message to kids that girly & science-y things are NOT mutually exclusive. Celeste is studying to get her PhD in geophysics at Caltech and we love everything she stands for! Below is her picture working on a field study as Glaciologist Princess Elsa! 

What is your favorite STEAM topic?

I love geophysics! Geophysics uses concepts and methods from the field of physics to answer questions about topics like earthquakes, glaciers, volcanoes, planetary interiors, and more.

What do you do for a living & what do you do for fun?

I am currently pursuing my PhD at the California Institute of Technology, where I do research about glaciers. Outside of work, I like swing dancing, knitting, and watching Star Trek with my friends. I also do a lot of fun outreach work through Caltech, teaching local kids how awesome science is.

What made you want to study geophysics?

I’ve always liked science, but I didn’t really discover geophysics until high school. While competing on my Science Olympiad team, I started learning about earthquakes and got totally hooked! I added glaciers to the mix about three years ago when I started my PhD.

What kind of things do you typically do in your field work?

My field work involves putting seismometers (the same instruments that detect earthquakes) on glaciers to detect motion happening inside the ice. Living and working on glaciers is an interesting challenge; in order to appreciate their beauty and do good science there, you have to plan very carefully to stay safe and happy on the ice.

Based on your field work and studies, is there anything in particular that you feel most passionate about and want to bring awareness to? 

I want to increase awareness of the effects of man-made climate change on glaciers. In addition to being beautiful and interesting, glaciers are also a vital source of fresh water to many people around the world. We need to take fast, strong actions to prevent the sea level rise and water resource instability that glacier loss will cause.

If there any advice you would give kids who would like to be a geophysicist?

Explore the world around you! You can see so many cool aspects of the earth by going hiking with your family or friends, staring out the window on a road trip or plane ride, or looking at satellite images on software like Google Earth.

What do you like most about our brand, Svaha?

It has two of my favorite things: 1. Dedication to dismantling stereotypes about scientists, and 2. POCKETS.

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