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"I love that all dresses and other pieces in the collection include pockets!"

"My daughter will be OBSESSED with this!"

"Svaha offers a dazzling collection of STEM-related clothing..."

Why Svaha?

Look smart in our classic cuts...

The Twirl Dress

    • 1/2 or full circle skirt for a gorgeous twirl
    • Playful scoop neckline
    • Flattering defined waist
    • Spacious pockets

The A-Line

    • Seamed and seamless versions available
    • Classic v-neckline
    • Spacious pockets

New Styles

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The Twirl Skirt

    • Full circle skirt for a dramatic twirl
    • Eye-catching designs
    • Spacious pockets

Svaha Leggings

    • 100% knit cotton leggings
    • No itchy tags
    • Spacious pockets

Our Founder

Jaya Iyer, originally from India, moved to the US from India carrying nothing but a backpack of her belongings and a vision of the American Dream. Jaya obtained a Ph.D. in Fashion Merchandising from Iowa State University and became an apparel buyer for ThinkGeek.. She has taught Fashion buying and wrote a textbook on Fashion in Emerging Markets which is widely used in universities. Thanks to inspiration from her daughter, Jaya founded Svaha USA and became determined to change the landscape of apparel. Jaya is the proud mother of 2 young children and enjoys nurturing her children’s interests through fashion, adventures, science, and social responsibility.