Blue Crab Earrings

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When you think of the most commonly known crustaceans, you’re probably thinking about malacostracans! The largest of the six classes of crustacean, malacostraca features crabs, lobsters, shrimps, krill, crayfish, mantis shrimp and many many more. Those who’ve been with us for a while now know we love our shelled seafaring friends, so we wanted to offer dangle earrings of one of our favorites, the blue crabs!

Product Specifications

  • Jabebo Studioblue crab design dangle hook earrings
  • The base material is made from cereal box cardboard (how cool is that?)
  • Made from surgical steel earring hangers
  • Includes rubber backing
  • Cereal boxes are sourced locally
  • Color: Green and blue
  • Made in the US at the Jabebo Studio
  • Penny used solely for size comparison

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