Deep in Space Gift Bundle

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Product Specifications

Gift Bundle ($100 value) Includes:

  • 4-Pack Webb's Space Coasters
Webb's images coasters
set of 4 square coasters
Rubber backing
  • Webb's First Deep Field Tote Bag
Webb's first deep field image tote bag
Dimensions 43x15x30cm
Material: Neoprene
Color: Black with space design
Black handles
Includes removable pouch on the inside
Pouch on the inside: 
  • Material: SBR Neoprene
  • Dimensions: 23cm x 13cm (9"x 5")
  • Handle measures 5.25" long
  • 3mm thickness
  • Wristlet handle
  • Webb's First Deep Field Makeup Pouch
Webb's deep field image makeup pouch
Material: Neoprene
Color: black with space design
23cm (Length) * 10.5cm (width) * 13cm (height)
4mm thickness

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