Octopus Hair Claw Clip

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Write a review
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Once again these cephalopods have seen fit to grace our wares with their inspiring presence! The octopus is a solitary creature when not taking up with a mate, and its family are one of the most behaviorally diverse and intelligent creatures on the planet. Gifted with many means of self-defense and eight prehensile tentacles to move and operate, the octopus is one of the most well-equipped members of the subaquatic community. Be sure to treat them with respect!

These claw clips have a VERY firm hold, so they can be used to grab many different hair lengths, types, and textures! We recommend gently removing these, as they might stubbornly want to stay in your lovely hair.

Product Specifications

  • Octopus hair claw clip
  • Color: gold or silver
  • Material: Acetate, Acetic Acid
  • Size: 11.5*5.8*3.9 cm
  • Imported

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