Sharks Doll Dress [FINAL SALE]

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You’re gonna need a bigger closet for this one! In spite of the unfair portrayal of them in popular media, sharks are rarely ever involved in attacks on humans, preferring to feed on marine life. In fact of the 300 living species today, only about 12 have ever been involved in a human attack. Beginning in the Jurassic period, these fine fellows of the fathom have diversified into some 500 species across the ages, and range from about 6 inches long all the way up to a recorded maximum of 62 feet! We hope this one inspires you to educate yourself and others on their true nature and the dangers they face.


Product Specifications

  • Dress for a doll
  • 100% cotton knitted
  • Color: Black with green and blue sharks design
  • 12" chest and 8.5" length
  • The back has velcro that opens up 
  • Imported

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