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Now reading: 10 Stellar Out-of-This-World Accessories

10 Stellar Out-of-This-World Accessories

10 Stellar Out-of-This-World Accessories

It’s in human nature to look up into the night sky (or day sky if you’re daring but we don’t recommend it) in wonder and amazement. It’s healthy to let thoughts rush through your mind as you ponder the cosmos and all that rests within. What’s out there? What’s happening a light year away? Are we really alone? Is someone else looking up at the night sky just like we are? Questions with no easy answer to be sure, but we like to think that we’re not alone in the universe. 

Space may be an unforgiving void but we’re still floating along here in spite of that and surely someone else must be too. The thought of another out there to compliment our existence is a comforting thought, after all few things are meant to stand truly alone and that goes for fashion, as well! Take a quick look at some of these stunning accessories to compliment our garments that are sure to make you shine in the sky like the stars above.

Lunar Eclipse Half Circle Pendant

Moon phases are simply the visual representation of the earth and moon’s positions relative to the sun, so the part we see that’s lit up is the part that’s getting hit with the sun’s light. However sometimes the earth will come directly between the moon and sun and cause what’s known as a lunar eclipse, where the normally illuminated moon is obscured by our shadow. Pretty neat, right? That’s the idea behind this pendant, displaying the several phases of the moon we see and representing an eclipse with a beautiful black opal set in the center. Grab a hold of the dark side of the moon right here!

Planet & Shooting Star

You can wish upon a star and let your clothes show who you are! These mismatched earrings are made from recycled cereal boxes with rubber backing and surgical steel hangers. The bright colors give off a playful energy that pairs perfectly with stargazing and making wishes on phenomena in the night sky. We’ll save you the wish and make these fun earrings available to you right here.

Dark Before the Dawn Pendant/Stud Earrings

It’s always darkest before the dawn! A centuries-old proverb that reminds us that no matter how bad things get or how much we struggle, there’s a light waiting for us on the other side. Let these beautiful sunbursts adorn you as a constant reminder that your struggles won’t last forever nor will the amount to naught. Copper calcite lapis lazuli rests within a gold-toned basin, a lovely companion for your continuing self-care that can be found no further than right here as both a pendant and a pair of stud earrings.

Eclipse Ring with Moon Phases

As you can guess we’re just over the moon for…well, the moon! This time we’re featuring a wide flat ring with the phases of the moon etched into the band with a lovely black opal set atop the center, representing an eclipsed moon. This underrated gem pairs well with any number of outfits and accessories and can stand out all on its own if you like things a little more simple. Pick it up here before it phases out of our stock!

Meteorite Hoop Earrings

Looking for a new set of earrings that can really make an impact? How about a set of earrings that have already made an impact? These hoop earrings are set with a round bezel adorned with fragments of a real meteorite from Campo del Cielo, a field in Argentina where meteorites of iron and nickel landed on our planet hundreds of years ago. Take a piece of the universe with you wherever you go!

Star-Shaped Meteorite Stud Earrings

With the right set of earrings, the easiest way to go stargazing can be simply looking into a mirror. These brass stud earrings are set with a round bezel in which lies a raw fragment of an authentic Campo del Cielo meteorite from Argentina. Every stone is different so each pair of these earrings is unique to those who wear them. It’s often said that we’re all simply made of space dust, well now your accessories are too, literally! Reach for the stars and find them right here.

Orbiting Cosmic Bodies Ring

The world may not revolve around you, but these ones can! This playful little ring depicts celestial bodies orbiting around a single larger one set in the center. This plated brass ring is beset with an authentic raw meteorite fragment, so every ring is unique to the individual wearing it. It’s worth noting that the meteorite is composed of iron and nickel, but is arranged in such a way that contact with skin is unlikely for those with allergy concerns. Take your place at the center of your own universe today!

Oval Meteorite Cuff Bracelet

Sometimes something understated can make the biggest statements of all, and this simple yet elegant bracelet is a perfect example of that. This silver-toned plated brass has been hammered and textured and set with a bezel within which rests an authentic raw Campo del Cielo meteorite fragment. Like all of our other meteorite jewelry, every fragment is unique so no two bracelets will ever be the same! You can wrap some stardust around your wrist right here.

Nebula Rainbow Pride Hoop Earrings

If ever you needed proof that you belong in this world, look no further than the stars in the sky! These hoop earrings are beset by seven beautiful nebulae featuring the colors of the rainbow, showing off an interstellar pride. There’s room for all in the universe and don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise. These accessories made of glass, hypoallergenic stainless steel, and plated brass can be yours and you don’t have to hop on a spaceship for them!

Rings of Saturn Necklace

If you could visit another planet in our solar system, which one would it be? We don’t really know ourselves, but Saturn would be up high on that list. Sixth from the sun but first in many people’s hearts, the gas giant Saturn is most known for its myriad complex ringlets made of ice and rock. This petite necklace made of 14 karat gold and polished tiger’s eye serves as a love letter to one of the most beautiful planets in our galaxy and we just know it would look out of this world on you. Pick it up here!

Our universe is a vast and wondrous place filled with beauty and mystery that we haven’t even truly begun to scratch the surface of. It can feel lonely when you think of how small we are in comparison to the grander scale of things, but at the same time we get excited at the prospect of so many unknown lands and lives still to be discovered. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye towards the heavens and be ready to make them our own in our usual fabulous way.


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