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All Dolled Up!

All Dolled Up!



Here at Svaha, we believe everyone is entitled to looking and feeling great without having to sacrifice utility or hide interests and occupations that make us who we are or who we want to be. To us, fashion is about looking great and feeling great, and that should extend beyond just the clothes we wear. It’s only natural that we’d extend that feeling to our tiniest friends as well, so we did. Introducing a brand-new line of apparel for dolls! A select few of our prints (so far!) have been sized way way down to fit our diminutive partners in crime.

It might help if you knew which dolls are the right fit for these clothes, eh? A good reference for the size of these dresses would be to take a look at American Girl dolls, with which these are compatible. These dresses measure 12 inches around at the chest and 8.5 inches in length. They’re made of a cotton knit and have a Velcro strip down the back which makes them delightfully simple to put on and take off. Each is modeled after the same twirl design you might see in most of our kids’ dress offerings.

Our patterns for these dresses are identical to those that can be found on our kids’ size dresses, which presently include “Love You to Bits”, “Science Mosaic”, “STEAM Power”, “Blueberry Pi”, and “World Down Syndrome Day”. We started with these since they’re some of our newer designs and we thought they’d be great as a relevant add-on. Pick out a favorite or two for your doll’s individual personality, or pick the design that matches your child’s dress so they have someone to set a trend with!

We started off with this selection of designs, but the initial reception has been positive, and we’d love to transpose more of our designs onto these tiny textiles. Whether we make any from older patterns or strictly attach them to new prints will depend entirely on your feedback. We’d love to hear from you about which designs we should make these dresses in next!

Smart is more than just a descriptor, it’s also a look! Find the right look for you in our broad and expansive catalogue: science, technology, engineering, art, math, cardigans, leggings with pockets, jewelry, socks & scarves, bags & laptop cases, puzzles & plush toys, adult gift boxes, mugs, Ms. Frizzle clothing, stem clothing, stem dresses, dress with pockets.

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