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Now reading: Make a Save vs. Mundane Fashion!

Make a Save vs. Mundane Fashion!

Make a Save vs. Mundane Fashion!

Roll for initiative!

The icosahedron, or twenty-sided die, was initially found to have been crafted nearly two thousand years ago. The earliest example was unearthed in Egypt and dates back to sometime between 2nd century BCE and 4th century CE. There’s some discussion about its intended use since there was no indication left behind to its purpose. Some suggest it may have been used by oracles for soothsaying and fortune telling, some think it may have had to do with the Egyptian board game Senet which used dice and figures on a 3x10 board to simulate and romanticize the journey into the afterlife. Whether it was one or both or neither, we sadly may never know.

Later uses would see Roman oracles using twenty-sided dice with letters from the Latin alphabet and corresponding Roman numerals to divine the fate of whomever sought their guidance. The die would be cast, and the reader would consult a manual of prescribed outcomes and fortunes. It wasn’t until 1974 when Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson put this ancient tool to a new purpose.

When Gygax first envisioned Dungeons and Dragons, random probability was determined by having a set of numbered poker chips in a bag, and any time a player needed to leave it up to chance they would reach their hand in and draw a lot at random. Enter the twenty-sided die, or d20 as it is known. By using this die, players who rolled would have an even 5% chance to get any number to land face up, giving a more consistent random number generation than blindly drawing lots. Numbers naturally ranged from one to twenty and measured the varying degrees of success when used for anything from trying to convince someone to your cause all the way up to swinging a sword at a fire-breathing dragon. Rolling a one results more often than not in fumbling your task, but rolling a twenty? Well, that right there is a critical hit!

A critical success is doing what you do at the absolute peak of your potential, and we sure hope that’s what we’ve accomplished here with this new print. Dungeons and Dragons has come back in a big way ever since the release of the fifth edition’s rulebooks, and with such popular shows like Critical Role or Adventure Zone achieving such acclaim, there has never been a better time to show off your nerdy side! We recommend pairing this a-line skirt with any of our Ida tops or your pick of our monochrome or patterned leggings. Take your love for the game away from the theater of the mind and put it on display for all to see!

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