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Now reading: Svaha Story Part 2

Svaha Story Part 2

Svaha Story Part 2

Today, I will tell you about some of the best things that happened to make the company grow.

First one: After my first kickstarter campaign failed, the very next day, I started seeing a sudden increase in social media followers! I was a bit surprised. Then, I found out that Huffington Post had done an article about how many businesses are trying to get rid of the gender stereotype that exists in the apparel industry, and included Svaha as one of the companies. Many people started writing to me asking to have the t-shirts available again. This is what gave me the courage to launch the campaign again. The campaign was relaunched, was a success, and the rest is history.

Second one: A few months after I launched the adults clothing line, the March for Science campaign took off! During this time, women wanted to dress up in STEM-themed clothing to attend the marches that were happening all across the country. We collaborated with March for Science, and it was the best thing that could happen to us. It was the only time when we pretty much sold out of every single dress that we had in stock. We could not order enough products to keep up with the demand. It was really good for the business, and so many more people found out about Svaha due to these events! I feel like it was a major turning point for the company.

Third one: I would not say that it was just a single event, but the fact that we made clothes that people could not find anywhere else helped a lot. One of the first and most successful lines that we made was for the solar eclipse. Then there was the Dare Mighty Things line, and lastly, the Deep Webb collection. Over the years, we have launched many products to support various organizations and causes. It's my life's philosophy that it's important to give back. I follow that in my personal life and do it through my business too. But the amazing Svaha customers always help us make a difference. So, I am grateful to all of you.

I will be sharing more such stories with you in regular newsletters. I do tend to pick different groups of customers to send these stories to, but if you want to make sure you don't want to ever miss on these, please sign up here.

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