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Svaha's Amazing Customer: Rachel Stevenson

by Jessica Wilhelmy February 20, 2019

As our blog posts continue, today we're featuring the awesome Rachel Stevenson! She is a public librarian and a Lois Alter Marks' bibliotherapist. Here is our interview with Rachel!

What is your favorite STEAM topic?
It's a close call between physics and art, so why not both? I had two amazing teachers, Karl Engleka and Osi Rhys Osmond who taught me to love both. AND This book completely agrees with me!

What do you do for a living & what do you do for fun?
I'm a public librarian in an urban setting and I am Lois Alter Marks' bibliotherapist and we jointly write a monthly article for Forbes.com. For fun I read, play with and walk my Siberian husky Rory, bake (I used to make cupcakes for a living with really interesting flavor combinations like carrot and parsnip with cardamon and crystallized ginger with a cinnamon cream cheese frosting.), and continue to decorate and create my literary themed dream home and write novels that will never be finished.

How did you first find out about Svaha?
I'm pretty sure it was a Facebook ad.

What is your favorite Svaha item that you own?
Do I really have to choose? If so, the answer is the constellation cardigan....it is so versatile and works in so many temperatures.

What made you fall in love with our brand?
A dress with pockets that is STEAM themed and all I have to do is wash and dry? Sign me up! How could you not love the clothes Svaha has. Basically your dresses have become my uniform.

What is the best compliment you've ever received when you were wearing Svaha?
Every time I wear the polka dot pi dress I get tons of compliments. People saying "Oh honey, you look so good in that" It makes me happy. But I will also say the comment that gave me the best idea was when I was wearing the proofreading marks dress with the arithmetic heartbeat dress. A friend asked what I had on today and I said "Proofreading with algebra." She said "That should be a book title" so I decided to write it....or at least start it to go along with the other 15 I've started and never finished.

What would you like to tell our other customers?
Your company is amazing. The customer support is some of the best support I've ever received. Also the clothes are comfortable and add whimsy to every day life. Also don't ever feel like you're too old to wear tarigrades. When that day comes I'll know it's time for me to retire from the Dewey Decimal System that is life.

Do you have any recommendations for us?
Keep doing what you're doing and don't stop. Also could you maybe stop coming out with so many amazing items at once? Maybe stretch them out so I can save at least one paycheck?

Jessica Wilhelmy
Jessica Wilhelmy


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